Our Core Values

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs, guiding principles and standards that shape our decision-making processes and underpin our client relationships. We invite our clients to join us in upholding these values so that we can all work harmoniously towards your financial success.
Trust is our compass, it points us in the direction of transparency, reliability and doing what’s right for you, every step of the way.
In a world that can sometimes feel impersonal and transactional, the power of kindness creates more positive outcomes
We put ourselves in your shoes, feel what you feel, and respond with compassion and understanding.
We’re all unique, let’s celebrate that! We believe in equality for all, no judgement, no discrimination.
We’re glass half full type of people and are always motivated to seek solutions. “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ~Thomas A. Edison
We’re generous with our time, knowledge and encouragement as we want to see you succeed.

Our Why

To help, to encourage, to guide, to mentor, to support, to lift up

Are we a good fit?

We completely understand the weight of choosing the right bookkeeping service – it’s pivotal for your business’s prosperity.

But here’s the exciting part: when we’re a great fit for each other, it’s not just another business transaction; it’s a partnership that can fuel your success.

When we’re all on the same page, working together becomes seamless.

You benefit from our specialised Xero, bookkeeping and advisory expertise and our genuine passion for helping small and micro businesses thrive.

We thrive when we work with clients who align with our values and work practices.

That’s when the magic happens.

We may be if you...

  • Have a commitment to compliance
  • Diligently provide your paperwork or any info when requested
  • Stay up to date with uploading your receipts/bills to our receipt scanning software
  • Keep us up to date with what’s happening in your business where it may affect us, eg. you purchased a new vehicle, took on staff, opened a new bank account – we need to know
  • Are transparent and willing to share the financial information we need
  • Understand that we know our stuff – ie. just because a mate suggests an expense you can claim doesn’t mean it’s legitimate; trust us to ensure you stay on the right side of the law
  • Are respectful, responsive, friendly and have a positive attitude
  • Are ethical in your business practices
  • Understand that we have a minimum price point which reflects our extensive experience, indepth knowledge, accessible support, work quality and accuracy, and our commitment to you
  • Understand and view bookkeeping as a longterm investment in your success, and not a cost
  • Appreciate and value our work; you’re front and centre for us and all that we do is for your benefit

When I’m not immersed in the small business world, you’ll find me in the midst of our bustling household of young adults and assorted pets, dabbling in my floristry side hustle (after having recently obtained my Cert 3 in Floristry – perfect for the left brain right brain balance), diving into the intricacies of geopolitics, voraciously reading romance and crime novels and self help books, staring dreamily at the ocean with coffee in hand or a glass of red, and practicing the art of forest bathing because yes, that’s a thing.
I’m also a fan of road tripping, following the road less travelled, 4WD'ing, camping under the stars and soaking up the tranquility of the bush to connect with nature.

Meet Toni

I’m a registered BAS Agent with more than 20 years’ experience running my own bookkeeping practice and catering to the needs of small businesses.

I started my working career with a State Government department in Northam, where I honed my skills in revenue, costing, payroll, cashiering, and ledger keeping, obtaining my Accounting Diploma along the way. A promotion to Geraldton as Personnel/HR Officer, a secondment to Kalgoorlie and a move to Perth followed after which I decided to explore further opportunities outside of the public service.

After stints in hospitality and tourism, I found my true passion in bookkeeping after an offer from an accounting firm reminded me of my love for working with numbers, so I pivoted and have been growing my practice since 1997.

I’ve witnessed the transformation of bookkeeping from the pencil-and-paper era to today’s digital age, but the foundation I built manually balancing debits and credits way back when gives me a deep understanding of Balance Sheet intricacies.

Today, I bring this wealth of experience to provide comprehensive bookkeeping services across WA.

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What you think you’re getting:

  • Books up to date
  • BAS’s lodged

What you’re really getting:

  • Time back
  • A greater feeling of control
  • A more balanced lifestyle
  • Peace of mind
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Financial clarity to reach your goals faster

Giving Back

We care about you, your people and your business. We also care about supporting the community and meaningful causes that hold a special place in our hearts.

That’s why we proudly support Breast Cancer Care WA, working towards improving the lives of those affected by breast cancer. We’re also dedicated to The Ocean Cleanup, an organisation focused on cleaning up our oceans and preserving marine life. Additionally, our support goes to Dogs’ Refuge Home, providing care and a second chance to furry friends in need, and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, working towards improving literacy in Indigenous communities.

When you choose us, together we contribute to creating a legacy of giving and social responsibility, making a positive impact on lives and the world we share.

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