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Rescue Bookkeeping

After we’ve set up your Xero datafile or undertaken a health check and brought your accounts up to speed, we offer the following bookkeeping packages.

We understand though that not all businesses are the same so we also offer a customised service that’s fully tailored to meet your business needs, just reach out and we’ll have a chat.

  • DIY bookkeeping

    You do your own day to day bookkeeping but we keep an eye on it. We review your Xero file on a monthly basis, bring any discrepancies to your attention and explain how and why they need fixing. When it comes time to lodge your BAS, we’ll ensure everything has been processed correctly and that this reconciles with that. We’ll also process any tricky or complex transactions, for example, premium funded insurance, new motor vehicle purchase and financing, new loans etc. And if you have employees, we’ll also onboard them, review your payroll, reconcile your payroll and finalise your Single Touch Payroll at the end of the financial year.

  • Xero bookkeeping
    • Recording day to day financial transactions using Xero software
    • Bank reconciliations
    • GST compliance
    • Maintaining a balanced general ledger
    • Recording and maintenance of fixed assets register
  • Accounts payable
    • Recording supplier bills via Dext or Hubdoc software application
    • Reconciliation of monthly supplier statements
    • Preparation of payment schedules
    • Generation of bank ready files for release of payments to suppliers
    • Remittance advices issued to suppliers
    • Liaison with suppliers
  • Accounts receivable
    • Raising and issuing customer invoices
    • Recording and reconciliation of payments received
    • Issuing of monthly statements
    • Follow up outstanding debts
  • BAS Agent services
    • ABN registration
    • GST registration
    • PAYG Withholding registration
    • GST reconciliation
    • Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation and lodgement
    • Instalment Activity Statement (IAS) preparation and lodgement
    • Liaison with ATO on your behalf in relation to activity statement and GST related matters including setting up of GST payment plans
    • Taxable Payments Annual Report (for contractor payments)
    • Fuel Tax Credits
  • Management reports

    Made up of:

    • Executive Summary
    • Cash Summary
    • Profit and Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Aged Receivables Summary
    • Aged Payables Summary
  • Collaboration with your accountant
    • Accountant liaison throughout the year as needed
    • Accounts reconciled to trial balance stage
    • Year end work paper preparation for accountant
    • End of year accountant journals prepared to match Xero data to accountant figures
  • Unlimited support

    We’re accessible and available via in-person meetings, phone, email or text.

  • Receipt management software

    We use Hubdoc and Dext with their optical recognition technology that extracts written information from receipts, invoices etc. This extracted data is then synced over to Xero along with an image of the document where it creates a bill or an invoice or attaches to a bank transaction.
    The business owner can upload a document to Hubdoc/Dext by taking a photo on a phone app or emailing to a unique email address.

    The benefits:

    • Saves time by removing the hassle of manual entry
    • Eliminates user data entry errors
    • An image of the bill, receipt or invoice is attached to the transaction in Xero for viewing
    • It streamlines the data entry process
  • Payroll services
    • Payroll processing
    • Single Touch Payroll (STP) filing
    • End of year STP finalisation
    • Superannuation lodgement
    • Superannuation Guarantee Charge statements
    • Assistance with workers compensation wages declarations
    • Assistance with long service leave MyLeave employer returns
    • Payroll tax
  • HR Services

    The extent of the HR services we provide are:

    • Employee onboarding via Canyou app: Using Canyou, the employee onboarding process is streamlined and automated. Employees digitally submit data from their own device which eliminates paper, emails and text messages and ensures a secure transfer of information. Canyou checks and validates every piece of data to ensure all is correct, then an employee record is automatically created in Xero. More info on this amazing app is available here: 
    • Maintain employee records
    • Employee offboarding
    • Leave requests and processing
    • Contractor management including calculation and lodgement of super where applicable


    With the everchanging and complex workplace laws, regulations and obligations in the human resources and payroll landscape we strongly recommend you engage with or subscribe to a specialist HR service to ensure legal compliance and to protect you from risk. These specialists can also provide invaluable resources, award interpretation, advice and support and above all, peace of mind and a sense of security.

Price: From $499 ex gst

  • Includes a Xero Health Check followed by a quote to bring up to date

If you’re a small business owner, you know that managing your accounts is crucial.

But what happens when your books are in disarray and you’re drowning in financial chaos? Or perhaps you find yourself behind on your lodgements?

That’s where we come into play; rescue jobs can be a lifeline for your business. We specialise in and love cleaning up financial messes and restoring order to your books.

  • How do I know if my business needs a bookkeeping rescue?

    Signs that your business may need a rescue job include inaccurate financial reports, unexplained discrepancies, overdue reconciliations, overdue lodgements, or challenges in understanding your financial position. If you’re facing any of these issues, a rescue job can help.

  • What types of problems can a bookkeeping rescue job solve?

    A bookkeeping rescue job can address a range of issues, including unbalanced accounts, incomplete records, misclassified transactions, overdue reconciliations, and other challenges that may be impacting the accuracy of your financial data.

  • Will my financial data be secure during the rescue process?

    Absolutely. We prioritise the security and confidentiality of your financial data. We take measures to ensure the safe handling of information and maintain the highest standards of data privacy.

  • What’s the process?
    1. The chaos before the calm: picture this – receipts scattered everywhere, missing invoices, accounts that haven’t been reconciled in months, and you have a general feeling of financial overwhelm. It’s a scenario that can keep any business owner up at night. But don’t stress, there’s a way out.
    2. Why does chaos happen: bookkeeping chaos can strike for various reasons. Perhaps you started your business with the best intentions but fell behind as things got busy. Maybe you tried to handle your books yourself but realised it’s not your strong suit. Or, worst of all, you had an inexperienced bookkeeper who left things in a state of disarray.
    3. The rescue: this is where we step in!
      What to expect:
      • Assessment: we’ll perform a datafile health check to assess the extent of the rescue and provide a report and quote to bring up to date. Once you OK this we can move forward.
      • Organisation: we’ll organise your financial data, ensuring that everything is in the right place. This includes categorising expenses, reconciling accounts, and finding missing transactions.
      • Clean-Up: any errors or discrepancies will be corrected, and your financial statements will be brought up to date.
      • Reconciliation: your accounts will be reconciled to ensure that they accurately reflect your business’s financial position.
      • Guidance: beyond cleaning up the mess, we’ll provide guidance on improving your financial processes to prevent chaos in the future.
    4. The aftermath – confidence and clarity: once the rescue job is complete, you’ll experience a sense of relief and clarity. Your financial records will be accurate and up-to-date which means you can make informed decisions about your business. No more sleepless nights worrying about the state of your finances or lodgements, all will be under control.
    5. Preventing future chaos: to prevent a return to financial chaos, consider our ongoing bookkeeping services. Regular maintenance ensures that your books stay in order, your numbers are accurately categorised, GST is correct, lodgements are up to date, and you have a clear picture of your financial health at all times.

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