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Price: From $550 ex gst 

  • Dependent on number of employees
  • No historical data brought in
We understand that starting afresh can be both exciting and daunting, which is why we’re here to guide you every step of the way.
We’ve set up hundreds of new Xero files over the years – it’s important to get it right from the get go.
If you’re a new business starting up or would just like to start a Xero file from scratch without bringing in any historical data, we can help.
From establishing your custom chart of accounts to configuring settings tailored to your business, we ensure your Xero data file is not just created but crafted for your unique needs.
Seamlessly integrating bank feeds, setting up automated invoicing, and configuring user access, our meticulous approach guarantees that your Xero platform is ready to power your business from day one.
Let us take care of the details so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business with confidence.
  • What exactly is involved?

    Here’s what we do:

    • Bring to account opening balances from your previous system
    • Configure your chart of accounts
    • Set up bank accounts and activate the bank feeds
    • Import contacts if you had those from your old system
    • Customise forms and templates with your logo and branding for sales invoices, statements, purchase orders, remittance advices
    • Set up payroll including:
    1. Adding employees
    2. Customising payslips and pay templates
    3. Setting up pay categories
    4. Setting up superannuation records
    5. Setting up the super lodgement process
    6. Registering for Single Touch Payroll
    • Set up asset register if applicable
    • Integrate Xero with third party apps (eg Dext, Cliniko)
    • Set up user access
    • Handover
  • Why is a proper Xero setup important for my business?

    A proper Xero setup ensures that your financial data is organised, accurate, and aligned with your business needs. It sets the foundation for efficient bookkeeping, financial reporting, and streamlined processes.

  • How long does the Xero setup process take?

    The duration of the Xero setup process can vary based on the complexity of your business and specific requirements. But be assured that we work efficiently and quickly to minimise downtime and get your system up and running promptly.

  • Will I receive training on how to use Xero after the setup?

    Absolutely. As part of our service, we provide training sessions to familiarise you and your team with the features of Xero. This ensures that you can confidently navigate the platform and make the most of its capabilities for your business.

Price: From $750 ex gst 

  • Dependent on integrity of data being migrated and number of employees
As certified Xero Migration Specialists we love it when clients want to move their accounting data over to Xero. We converted many years ago and haven’t looked back.
Our migration service usually brings in the current plus previous financial year historical transactions, but additional years are possible depending on the data available. This is different to our Xero Setup service which only brings in opening balances if you have them.
  • What’s involved?

    Here’s what we do:

    • Assess your existing data to understand its structure and complexity
    • Prepare your existing file for the conversion
    • Convert the data into a new Xero file ensuring all is mapped correctly
    • Review conversion balances and historical data
    • Enter outstanding customer and supplier invoices
    • Customise your invoice templates
    • Customise your chart of accounts
    • Activate your bank feeds and import missing transactions
    • Set up user access
    • Set up employees, super and Single Touch Payroll
    • Set up asset register if applicable
    • Provide Xero training
    • Integrate Xero with third party apps (eg Dext, Cliniko)
    • Set up user access
    • Handover
  • What accounting software can you migrate data from?

    Depending on the complexity, we may use a third party such as JetConvert who can migrate data from MYOB, Quickbooks Online, and Reckon. MYOB transactional history depends on the financial year the MYOB file has been rolled to.

  • How long does the process take?

    The duration of the data migration process can vary based on the complexity of your data and specific business needs. But the usual timeframe is between 3-5 business days.

  • Do I need to be actively involved in the data migration process?

    While we handle the technical aspects of the data migration, your input and collaboration are valuable. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process, and we may need certain details or clarifications from you to ensure a smooth transition.

Price: $499 ex gst

  • A review and report of findings and recommendations with a separate quote to fix or update

A Xero health check is an assessment or review of a business’s Xero accounting software to ensure it is set up and functioning optimally. It involves a thorough examination of various aspects of the Xero platform to identify any issues, discrepancies, or opportunities for improvement. The goal is to ensure that the financial data within Xero is accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with best practices.
You need to be able to trust your numbers not just for compliance purposes but also to make informed business decisions.
As a standard practice we conduct a health check on all new client’s data files. This essential step allows us to assess the accuracy and integrity of your financial data before we proceed with your ongoing bookkeeping needs.

  • What a Xero health check can achieve?

    With a comprehensive Xero Health Check, we can:

    • Identify and address challenges quickly, ensuring financial health is always in order
    • Verify the accuracy of your business accounts in Xero
    • Detect any mistakes, repetitions, or gaps
    • Identify areas where training is required to prevent recurring errors
    • Detect and fix potential problems before they become bigger issues
    • Confirm that any new additions or modifications (such as additional accounts) have been correctly set up
    • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that everything is in order
  • Who needs a Xero health check?

    Businesses who:

    • Are new to using Xero
    • Have not conducted a regular check-up on their existing Xero system
    • Have multiple users accessing the same Xero accounts
    • Are looking for ways to optimise their accounting processes and procedures
  • What do we usually pick up?
    • Incorrect financial settings
    • Incorrect set up of chart of accounts
    • Bank accounts not reconciling
    • GST coding mistakes
    • Duplicate transactions
    • Not using bank rules or receipt management software correctly for automation
    • Payables and Receivables don’t match what is actually owed
    • GST does not match BAS’s lodged
    • Incorrect treatment of transactions paid with personal money
    • Poor security settings
    • User permissions audit
    • Unpaid wages or superannuation
  • What’s included?
    • Preliminary questionnaire
    • Certified Xero Silver Partner reviewing your file
    • 100+ Point Xero Health Check
    • PDF report and action list with our findings

Price: $220 per hour ex gst

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Ongoing support quoted separately

Navigating the world of Xero can be a game-changer for your business and we’re here to make sure you harness its full potential.

There’s a sea of online training resources out there that can teach you how to use Xero but we offer more than just tutorials. We go beyond the basics and focus on what you’re specifically after, offering you personalised one-on-one training designed to give you with the skills and knowledge you need, answering your questions there and then (and afterwards too) and saving you hours of time trying to work it out yourself.

No generic lessons – just practical, hands-on guidance to make Xero work for you.

Let’s skip the overwhelm and get straight to what matters.

  • What’s on offer?

    Here’s what we do:

    • Hands-on personalised learning – tailored to your business needs and focussing on the features most relevant to you
    • Real world relevance – learn how to apply Xero to your day-to-day operations
    • Certified Xero expert – benefit from our expertise gained from working with our Xero clients for over 15 years
    • Ongoing support – our commitment doesn’t end with the training session. We’re here for you post-training, offering resources, support, and answers to any questions that may arise as you integrate Xero into your business processes
    • Summary notes from the training for you to refer to
  • Who can benefit from the training?

    Xero training is beneficial for business owners, accounting professionals, bookkeepers, and anyone involved in financial management. Whether you’re new to Xero or looking to deepen your skills, our training is designed to meet various skill levels.

  • Do I need any prior accounting knowledge for Xero training?

    No prior accounting knowledge is required. Xero training is designed for individuals with varying levels of expertise. Whether you’re a beginner or have some accounting background, our training is structured to accommodate different skill levels.

  • Is ongoing support provided after the training?

    Yes, we provide post-training support to address any questions or concerns you may have as you start applying your newfound Xero knowledge. Whether through follow-up sessions or ongoing communication, we’re here to support your learning journey.

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